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News » BOSS Planter Delivers Promising Start

BOSS Planter Delivers Promising Start

It’s been a tough start for first time dryland cotton grower Tom Greentree of “Quisisana” Mungindi. After a challenging winter crop in 2018, Mr Greentree decided he would plant a summer crop to utilise the stored moisture on his fallow country.  Tom purchased a new BOSS 18 metre planter fitted with DX50 units and Precision Seed Metering from BOSS Agriculture to give his crop the best start possible. Mr Greentree configured his planter on 2 metre spacings with the ability to quickly convert his row spacing back to 1500mm if he decided to plant sorghum in the future. “The team at BOSS were able to design my row units so we can easily slide them between 2 metre and 1.5 metre spacings, which will give us some different planting options if needed”. Mr Greentree planted 780 hectares of Bollgard 3 after good rain in early November, “The ground conditions were a typical dryland scenario with uneven moisture in the top 2-3” of soil. The BOSS trash whippers gave us a more even seedbed, and the hydraulic Delta Force by Precision Seeding we had fitted worked a treat, keeping our planting depth spot on”. Mr Greentree planted 10 seeds to the metre and was able to achieve an average of 8 seeds per metre establishment. “Our crop establishment was excellent, we had a very even germination which was great as we have only had a 14mm rain event post planting”.

Mr Greentree’s 18 Metre Linkage BOSS Planter was one of many built by the Inverell manufacturer this year. Warren Anderson from BOSS Agriculture said many dryland growers are looking for more accuracy and longevity from their summer planting equipment, “Our DX50 row unit coupled with Precision Seeding’s Technology gives our customers a highly accurate robust precision planter. This allows dryland growers to really improve their crop establishment without the ongoing high maintenance normally associated with this equipment”. Although Mr Greentree has had a promising start to the season, it is now a waiting game to see how it finishes. At this stage crop in tracking at 6 to 7 nodes above white flower with hope that some rain will fall soon to finish the crop.