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Double Disc Planter Shanks

BOSS Agriculture’s double disc planter shanks simply replace your existing planting tyne. They are used widely for fertilising and planting without limiting your ability to easily switch back to the tyne when ground conditions dictate a change. Our entire range of planters, row units, and accessories are manufactured in Australia at our factory in Inverell NSW.

With 5000+ double disc shanks in the paddock, it is an invaluable tool for many farmers planting in varying soil types & a cost effective way to improve your existing machinery line up.
BOSS Agriculture double disc planter shanks are designed to fit into most straight tyne (edge on tyne) machines & will suit 1” x 2”, 1” x 3” & ⅝” x 2” tyne pockets.
We have retro-fitted a number of brands including: Gyral, Gason, Janke, Excel, Gessner, John Shearer, Flexicoil and Morris etc.

The double disc is also available with a vee press option for optimum performance when seeding.

BOSS Agriculture double planter disc shanks can also be used for side banding units, as they can be fitted onto our TX Parallelogram planter range of row units, allowing fertiliser to be applied beside the seed at sowing.

Benefits of the BOSS Agriculture double disc planter shank:
  • Up to 50% fuel saving (compared to using a tyne)
  • Low soil disturbance
  • Save valuable soil moisture
  • Cut through heavy stubble
  • Faster planting & fertilising speed
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Adjustable seed tube to maximise performance and seed tube life
  • Sealed for life bearing – no greasing required