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Single Disc Planter Shanks

BOSS Agriculture single disc planter shanks replace the existing planting tyne when required & can be used for planting, fertilising or side dressing operations.

The single disc planter shank operates on a 10deg undercut, this allows the unit to penetrate tough soils & minimise the potential of hair pinning stubble when sowing at most depths. With an adjustable sowing boot, disc life is extended and the use of the proven BOSS spoked cleaning wheel & active mud scraper system ensures the unit will perform in the wet sticky conditions usually encountered during winter sowing (Single disc shanks may not fit all row positions or spacing’s depending on frame design & wheel locations).

For the best results the BOSS angled press wheel assembly is advisable to achieve a perfect finish.

Benefits of the Single Disc Shank Include:

  • Up to 50% Fuel Saving (compared to using a tyne)
  • Low Disturbance
  • Save Valuable Moisture
  • Cut Through Heavy Stubble
  • Faster operating speeds
  • Minimal soil throw
  • Performance in wet sticky soil types
  • Ability to penetrate very tight soil types
  • Sealed for life bearing – no greasing required