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TD50 Precision Double Disc Assembly

The BOSS Agriculture precision double disc option allows the complete fitment of the BOSS DX50 undercarriage (Double Disc Row Unit with Depth Control Gauge Wheels & Walking Vee Press Wheels) onto your existing TX65 or TX80 row units. This option simply replaces the tyne and straight press wheel to give you a precision double disc undercarriage with walking gauge wheels for seed depth control and vee press wheels for fast even germination (the front coulter assembly must be removed). Our TD50 units are manufactured in Australia at our Inverell Factory.

Benefits of the precision double disc option include:

  • Accurate seed placement & precise seed depth control
  • Utilise existing tyne planting equipment to minimise investment cost
  • Ability to set up summer rows only on existing equipment
  • Up to 50% fuel saving (compared to using a tyne)
  • Low soil disturbance
  • Save valuable moisture
  • Cut through heavy stubble
  • Faster planting & fertilising speed
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Sealed for life bearings – no greasing required

The BOSS Agriculture precision disc undercarriage will fit most straight tyne(edge on tyne) machines & will suit 1” x 2” & 1” x 3” tyne pockets.