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Gas/Liquid & Rolling Agricultural Trailers

The BOSS Agriculture range of Gas & Liquid fertiliser trailers are available in steerable quad, castoring quad and 2 wheel trailing configurations.

Different tyre sizes are available depending on the weight of product to be carried and your floatation requirements.
Tyre sizes available include:

  • 400 x 24 R1 Lug Tyre
  • 18.4 x 30 R1 Lug Tyre
  • 23.1 x 30 R1 Lug Tyre
  • 24.5 x 32 R1 Lug Tyre
  • 23.1 x 26 Diamond Lug Tyre

BOSS Agriculture Trailer Features:

  • Boss trailers are heavily constructed with all joints reinforced with pressed sections that wrap around the RHS.
  • Tank mounts are bolted down so they can be moved or changed to suit different tank profiles.
  • Trailers are available on 2, 3 or 4 metre centres.
  • Low fill points available.
  • Raven mount available.
  • Hydraulic saddles incorporated into the chassis for mounting hoses or liquid lines.
  • Threaded mounting blocks located on the chassis for mounting additional hardware.
  • Optional hypro pump & filter mount kits.