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Our Staff

BOSS currently employees up to 140 people during peak times. This makes BOSS one of the largest employers within the New England region of NSW.

BOSS invests a significant amount of time into their staff. This very important in maintaining the high quality standards we expect for our extensive product range. BOSS see their workforce as a key asset to its ongoing competitiveness in the market and maintaining its reputation as an employer of choice.


BOSS Engineering’s ongoing success has been driven by its Directors, who all have a clear passion for the Manufacturing and Agriculture sectors. The unique advantage for BOSS Engineering is that it started with four key individuals with distinct skill sets that compliment each of the other Directors. These Directors have also been working within the business since its inception. The Directors (combined) have over 80 years experience working within the Manufacturing and Agriculture sectors. As the business has grown other key staff have been brought into the business to fill key roles.

Andrew English
Research & Design Manager

Andrew is responsible for engineering and drafting personnel and the design and development of core products. He has extensive experience with Computer Aided Design Software. Andrew has designed and developed numerous agricultural implements for the Australian farming industry. Recently he has developed the entire new range of Broadacre planters, Air Seeders & Row Crop equipment range for BOSS Agriculture.

Michael Grills
Production Manager

Michael is responsible for the day to day operation of the workshop, staff and equipment. He is a welding fabricator by trade, he spent 4 years as Branch Manager of Agricultural & Truck dealership in Inverell. He has been instrumental in the growth and development of this business in Inverell from its inception. For the past 10 years Michael has managed the BOSS workshop while ensuring business growth for BOSS Engineering.

Dan Ryan
Sales & Marketing Manager

Dan is responsible for sales & marketing of core products to all markets, this includes new product releases and field day promotions. He has been employed in sales and marketing roles for the past 15 years forging good long lasting relationships with clients from Agricultural, Mining & Transport related industries. Dan spent 2 years as the QLD territory manager for One Steel Waratah before joining the BOSS team.

Peter Mansur
Retired Director

Peter is a Farmer by Trade. He has 23 years experience as an Owner/Manager in the cotton and viticulture industries in Australia.