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End-Tow Trailing Planter Frames

BOSS Agriculture’s range of end-tow (floating hitch) trailing planter frames have been developed for farmers & contractors who require wide machines and have width constraints when moving from farm to farm or shedding equipment.

Our end tow designed frames are suited for both flat level ground conditions but also feature our unique flexing frame design which means they are also highly suited for operating in contoured, undulating or melon hole country. The end tow frame design is fitted with a floating hitch and features unique flexing sections throughout the length of the machine which not only flex up and down but also fore & aft so the frame is able to twist over the length of the machine; this unique feature means wider machines are able to be utilised in uneven ground conditions whilst still maintaining seeding accuracy.

When operating in contour banks or melon hole country the flexing frame design provides superior ground following ability which allows planting row units to maintain an even planting depth whilst giving constant press wheel pressure for a faster, more even crop germination. The flexing design also means that frame stress and fatigue is minimised for a longer lasting frame.

End tow trailing frames are constructed of 100 x 100 x 9mm RHS with plated joints on both the top and underside of the frame to ensure maximum strength & durability. The proven frame design built with experience ensures no dead weight is carried with all cross members load carrying or supportive, this allows for some flexibility with row spacings and provides better access to row units for servicing. The frame lifts very high making servicing and general inspection of row units easy.

The BOSS range of end tow frames are available in a variety of seeding widths & configurations.

End-Tow Trailing Planter Frame Features

  • 2 or 3 Bar designs available
  • Unique flexing sectional frame
  • All pivots are fitted with replaceable spherical ball pivots
  • Hydraulically folding drawbar (Optional)
  • Stay cables
  • Hydraulic saddles are used to carry all hoses
  • Saddle provisions for air seeder hosing
  • 2 stage parking jack
  • Laser cut identification on drawbar end for all hydraulic hoses
  • Laser cut hydraulic hose keepers provided when unhitching machine
  • All hydraulics hoses are protected with spiral wrap in rub prone areas
  • Parking stands
  • Optional toolbox, handwash tank & drawbar basket