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Narrow Fold Parallel Lift 2&3 Bar Trailing Frame

BOSS Agriculture’s 2 and 3 bar Parallel Lift planter frames were created by customer demand for a simple and cost effecting planter for either tyne or disc row units. These simple planters are equally at home planting pastures in 4 to 8 metre widths, or out planting chickpeas on the plains in 12 metre controlled traffic farming systems.

The frame design combines a very short hydraulic draw-bar with an optional quick hitch coupler for great maneuverability & effecting use on a wide variety of tractors. The Level Lift frame is available in a wide variety of workable row spacings and folded widths.

Parallel Lift Frame Features

  • Short Drawbar with optional 3PL Quick hitch coupler for easy manoeuvring and tight turning circle.
  • Simple, Cost Effective, light Ground weight.
  • Phasing high lift Hydraulics.
  • 2 + 3 bar designs, 4 metre to 12 metre working widths.
  • Narrow Transport widths.