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Single Bar Trailing Planter Frames

Single bar frame designs are available in 3 different styles depending on your specific requirements. These frames can be configured with winter or summer seeding row units in a range of row spacings & frame widths.

Single Bar Floating Hitch Frames

BOSS Agriculture’s Floating Hitch Trailing Frame combines the best of our ground following flex-frame features with the simple sleekness of a single bar planter. Available in working widths from 8 to 24 metres this machine is equally at home planting high value summer crops on wide spacings such as Cotton, Sorghum and Pulses or planting winter cereals down to 230mm spacings (with NX20 row units). This machine is the best single bar planter available for ground following in contour banks and melon holes to maintain an even frame to ground height across its working width and when combined with our Single or Double Disc row units this gives you even seed depth across the working width ensuring you will get great crop establishment. Single bar floating hitch frames are fitted with floatation tyres which help minimise soil compaction in field & our 12 metre version has a double fold design that keeps the transport width as narrow as possible (under 4.5meres).

Single Bar Rigid Hitch Frames

BOSS Agriculture’s rigid hitch range of single bar tailing frames have been developed for both our single and double disc range of planting row units. These frames are suited to flat or gently undulating country and are a cost effective trailing frame. The single bar frame design features an 200mm x 200mm RHS mainframe and a remote 100mm x 100mm RHS toolbar that the Boss range of row units bolt on to, this allows for a lot of flexibility around row spacing & wheel spacings or future changes in your farming operation.

Single Bar Fold Forward Frames

BOSS Agriculture’s Forward Fold planter frame combines wide working widths in field with the Narrowest possible transport width so producers get the best of both worlds. Combining a 24 metre planting width with a folded width less than 4.5 metres on the road, gives maximum productivity combined with easy, legal road travel (Check your specific area for rules & regulations for oversize equipment) and the convenience of not overloading the tractors drawbar through the planters unique weight sharing design.
Available in various widths, BOSS Agriculture’s Forward Fold planters can fill a gap where others can’t!

Single Bar Trailing Planter Frame Features

  • 200mm x 200mm RHS Mainframe
  • Single or double folding options available
  • Frame widths from 6 metres to 36 metres
  • Available with either a rigid or floating hitch depending on your requirements
  • All hydraulics hoses are protected with spiral wrap in rub prone areas
  • Hydraulic saddles are used to carry all hoses
  • Saddle provisions for air seeder hosing
  • All pivots are fitted with replaceable spherical ball pivots
  • 2 stage parking jack
  • Laser cut identification on drawbar end for all hydraulic hoses
  • Laser cut hydraulic hose keepers provided when unhitching machine
  • Parking stands
  • Safety fold pins
  • Optional toolbox, handwash tank & drawbar basket
  • Optional liquid tank & hypro pump