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Slimline Plant Frames

The BOSS Agriculture Slimline Planter has been developed to meet the needs of customers who need an easy maneuvering planter that folds narrow for easy road transport. The Slimline Planter is an ideal solution for livestock producers and contractors who wish to sow pasture and fodder crops. Our unique design has produced an efficient planter that does not need a pilot vehicle for road transport, saving you time and money.

The Slimline Planter is available with either our frame mounted airseeder or a tow behind option. Pairing the Slimline with our frame mounted airseeder gives 4500L of capacity in a twin bin, plus the option of a proportionally large 600L small seeds box. For ease of access while filling the small seeds box has excellent access via folding steps and a non-slip platform with seeding table.

Slimline Planter Features

  • Drawbar or two point hitch connection
  • Compact design giving tight turn ability for small fields but equally capable in broadacre cropping scenarios.
  • When Paired with our mounted air seeder there is no trailing air cart to complicate reversing
  • Large floatation tyres
  • Very narrow folding design & can be configured on narrow row spacings
  • Hydraulic saddles are used to carry all hoses
  • Quality 2 pak paint
  • All pivots are fitted with replaceable spherical ball pivots
  • Saddle provisions for air seeder hosing
  • Optional rear pull
  • Optional flashing beacon & oversize sign with tail lights
  • Laser cut identification on drawbar end for all hydraulic hoses
  • Laser cut hydraulic hose keepers provided when unhitching machine
  • All hydraulics hoses are protected with spiral wrap in rub prone areas
  • Parking stands