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Single Disc Units

Today’s zero till or minimum tillage farming techniques are constantly pushing the boundaries for the performance of seeding and planting equipment. In the development of our single disc row units we address many of the challenges minimum tillage farmers face. Our row units are effective at penetrating tight soils and are equally capable when faced with the sticky conditions often encountered during winter planting.

The combination of an offset and undercut disc opener allows our single disc planting units to dig effectively without requiring an over-engineered heavy frame to force the row units into the ground. To tackle the wet sticky winter conditions where stubble becomes rope bound, a combination of a simplistic low profile seed boot, floating cleaning wheel and active mud scraper system has proven to be very effective in minimum tillage operations.

All of our products are manufactured in our Inverell NSW factory, and
have been specifically designed with Australian farmers and conditions in mind.
They require minimal servicing to keep you in the paddock for longer.




Unit Weight110kg130kg105kg
Disc Dimensions20.5″ (18″ Optional)20.5″ (18″ Optional)18″
Vertical travel300mm340mm300mm
Down Force MechanismHydraulic Or SpringHydraulic (Deltaforce Compatible) Or SpringSpring
Down Force300kg350kg305kg
Minimum Single Bar Spacing375mm375mm300mm
Under-bar Operating Height620mm620mm620mm
Active Mud Scraper
Optional Rear Chain Harrow
Available as Row Units & Complete Machines
Australian Manufactured