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TP20 Trailing Press Wheel

Boss Agriculture’s trailing press wheels suit 75mm x75mm RHS and are available as individual units or fitted to rear mounted frames to suit most toolbars. The TP20 units clamp diagonally to an RHS toolbar to ensure the unit locks in and is not able to twist on the frame; this also means the unit can be easily repositioned on the toolbar if required. The press wheel pressure spring features a simple, easy to use pin arrangement for adjusting the down force, all pivots are fitted with replaceable bushes and chrome plated pins for reliable & smooth operation. Individual units can also be pinned up when not required.

The press wheel assembly runs on a proven sealed double race ball bearing for longevity and replacement ease, and the frame design minimises the chances of frames getting caught up on each other during operation. Press wheels are available in a number of different profiles & compounds to suit most applications.

All of our products are manufactured in our Inverell NSW factory, and have been specifically designed with Australian farmers and conditions in mind. They require minimal servicing to keep you in the paddock for longer.