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Precision Vacuum Planters

BOSS Agriculture’s range of precision vacuum planters deliver unequaled accuracy and longevity. Our precision planters are configurable on either trailing or three-point linkage toolbars with different folding or stackfold options to suit most requirements. Our precision double disc DX50 row units set the benchmark in low maintenance high accuracy seeding. Precision vacuum meters and seed boxes can also be fitted onto our SX range of single disc units.

Why Choose The Boss DX50 Unit?

  • Heavy duty parallelogram, no greasing, long life & maintenance free
  • 305mm of parallelogram travel for exceptional ground following
  • Spoked gauge wheel design for performance in testing conditions
  • Trailing gauge wheel design keeps gauge wheels against the disc and ensures long life in pivot point
  • External gauge wheel arm to reduce mud build up & blockages in testing conditions
  • Built in mud scraper ring molded to the gauge wheel for superior operation in testing conditions
  • No greasing required on the row unit
  • Various liquid and dry fertilising options
  • Range of press wheel closing systems available
  • Fast simple depth and pressure adjustments

Our DX50 row unit is compatible with Precision Planting or John Deere Seed Metering systems depending on customer preference.

With many advances in precision seeding the last few years our row unit can be fitted with many great options to increase your yield potential including:

  • PSS vSet – Precision seed metering vSet features a flat seed disk with a 5-lobed singulator for precise consistent seed metering utilising a single vacuum setting for simplicity & ease of use. Each seed releases down the center of the tube – critical to optimum spacing.
  • PSS vDrive – An electric drive on each individual seed meter delivering superior population control. The integrated controller in the motor allows for sub-second execution of the correct population, row by row and around curves.
  • PSS Delta Force – Delivering consistent seeding depth across all soil types with constant pressure on the ground which also helps with press wheel consistency & field finish.
  • PSS/Boss Floating Row Cleaners – Can be used via a mechanical adjustment or an air operated ram to deliver precise even row cleaning or soil movement across all soil types.
  • PSS V-Apply – Row by row liquid fertiliser control via the Precision 20/20 monitor for accurate & simple product application.
  • PSS Speedtube – High speed seed delivery taking the seed from the metering unit to the seed trench via a conveyor system that is matched to ground speed for increased efficiency whilst maintaining accuracy.
  • PSS Smartfirmer – Seed-firmer sensor that measures organic matter, moisture, residue and temperature. Now you can optimize hybrid selection, population, depth, fertility and row cleaners in real time.

For more information please visit Precision Seeding’s website: