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Fixed Bar Cultivators

Boss Agriculture’s fixed bar cultivators are available in a variety of widths & tyne configurations to suit most applications.
Frames can be fabricated in 4” or 6” RHS depending on the tynes you require and can be folding or rigid, with depth gauge wheel and stabiliser kits fitted as required.

Features and Specifications

  • Tough 2 or 3 Bar, 4” or 6” heavy wall RHS frames.
  • Cat 3/Cat 4 linkage standard
  • Diamond mounted tyne assemblies for reduced twist and easy toolbar relocation
  • Straight line shear assembly used on tynes utilising a standard ½” or ⅝” shear bolt for cost effective long term performance.
  • 3” x 1” shanks or fabricated shanks can be fitted with friction trips or spear points as required
  • Ezy shank height adjustment for simple one handed adjustment
  • Solid fertiliser or gas boots available
  • Furrowers or low crown Alabama’s available
  • Optional heavy duty stabiliser with 4 tonne hubs, 30” x 10mm disc with independent adjustment and vertical fold.
  • Bed forming kits available
  • Australian Manufactured