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Lilliston Rigs

Available in 8 row & 12 row, our Lilliston rigs or rolling cultivators as they are also known are designed to handle a variety of tasks in the field:

  • Refine seed beds prior to planting for added seedling vigour & improved water infiltration.
  • Incorporate pre- and post-emergence chemicals for fast knockdown and effective weed control.
  • Cultivation of weeds while preserving seedling growth and crop root systems.
  • Help control soil and water losses from erosion whilst improving soil aeration.
  • Help manage residue retention.

The Boss Agriculture Lilliston rig also features new bolted gang adjustments, so in-field set ups are made evenly & are simple for operators to perform.

Features & Specifications:

  • Tough 7” heavy wall RHS frames with bridge beams.
  • Cat 3/Cat4 linkage standard.
  • Heavy duty bolted cross-members used throughout.
  • Hard faced 5 spider gangs with simple to use bolted adjustments.
  • Straight line shear release clamps & shanks fitted with Alabama’s & utilising a standard ½” shear bolt for cost effective long term performance.
  • Optional heavy duty stabiliser with 4 tonne hubs, 30” x 10mm disc with independent adjustment and vertical fold.
  • All pivots use our proven durable poly bushes and 1¼”chrome/stainless steel pins.
  • Australian Manufactured.