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News » Narrow Fold Bridge Frame Available

Narrow Fold Bridge Frame Available

Leading up to the 2018 planting season BOSS Agriculture was asked to manufacture a narrow transport 18 metre wide parallelogram tyne machine, most 18 metre parallelogram tyne planters are too wide to be legally transported on the road without a police escort. The engineering team at BOSS Agriculture went to work and developed a unique folding system that allows the 18 metre wide planter to fold up under 6 metres wide, this fills a gap in the market for large scale contractors and broadacre grain producers with non connecting farms to be able to transport their equipment legally and conveniently (check your local authorities for specific rules & regulations in your area).

BOSS Agriculture put four of these machines into the field for 2018 winter plant with great results. These narrow folding Bridge Frames are now available in row spacing’s of 333mm, 375mm, 400mm & 500mm.