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When BOSS Agriculture was approached by Phil Christie, from Bellata NSW, to manufacture a 36 metre planter for the 2020 summer cropping program the brief was quite simple; “Build me a 36 metre machine that can fold up narrow and plant my summer or winter crop”. BOSS had been looking to manufacture a range of 18 & 24 metre fold forward machines and this was the catalyst to design and manufacture the new FOLD Forward range.

During the design phase, BOSS received a second order for a 36 metre planter and so they manufactured 2 machines. The planters set up with DX50 double disc row units on 2 metre row spacings with the ability to change to 1.5 metre, 1 metre or 750mm spacing’s if required. Both 36 metre machines are set up on 3 metre tramlines with Phil opting for a flexing wing and additional flotation tyre that would also allow the machine to operate as a 24 metre machine if the outside wings were removed.

The DX50 row units were fitted out with the latest offering from Precision Seeding Solutions (PSS) including V Drive, Delta Force, Furrow Force & Air Operated Trash Whippers. The simple operation of PSS’s innovative options means optimal performance in the paddock. In a 36 metre wide machine the PSS options ensure unrivalled ground contact, seed placement and seed to soil contact for the best possible crop establishment. Phil opted for a CCS tank which was supplied by RBE in Dalby to compliment the efficiency of operating a 36 metre wide machine.

Phil has planted some of his dryland cotton program with great results and most importantly in a timely window of opportunity.

BOSS delivers cropping efficiency

Just like any smart business, progressive farmers are always chasing an edge!  In Australia’s tough conditions, for cropping farmers the edge may be adapting precision agriculture technology, driving efficiencies through purchasing more reliable & robust equipment or purchasing wider equipment. BOSS Agriculture strive to deliver all of the these with a large range of disc or tyne options available for growers across Australia.

For 12 years BOSS Agriculture have worked closely with Australian growers to create solutions for farmers to plant their crops as efficiently and precisely as possible, which has led BOSS to create our new range of FOLD Forward single bar planters. While the forward folding idea is not new in agriculture as other suppliers in North America & Australia have dabbled in this field, the BOSS design creates an extremely user-friendly design that is simple to use and easy to maneuver with no extra pivot points behind the drawbar. With a unique sliding bogie assembly that slides forward when folded, weight is transferred off the tractor drawbar to create a well-balanced machine ready for road transport. The bogie design coupled with an optional mid frame wheel & wing pivot ensures great floatation and ground following ability.

The BOSS FOLD Forward range is available in 18 metre, 24 metre and 36 metre working widths and coupled with our new SX30S or SX30P Single Disc opener units’ row spacing’s from 375mm (15”) are available for winter sowing. The single bar high lift design provides easy accessibility & adjustment as an operator can simply walk along the width of the machine and set the planting depth and downforce/closing pressure on BOSS’s easy to adjust single or double disc row units. When you’re covering 28 hectares an hour at a sensible planting speed you can cover some serious ground in a day! BOSS combine all of these features with an ultra-narrow transport width of under 4.5 metres for easy safe travel.

To see the full range of BOSS Agricultures products, visit: or call BOSS & speak to one of our specialists 02 6721 2677.