Strip Till Machines

  • Creates the perfect summer crop seedbed
  • Strip till units can be configured with inter-row cultivating tooling for effective weed control
  • Promotes an ideal soil environment to enhance seed germination
  • Strip-tillage warms soils in the seed zone quickly and promotes the fast germination and growth of seedlings, reducing disease risk
  • Fertiliser can be applied up front when strip tilling
  • Strip tilling before planting improves the planting operation by reducing straw pinning, reduces seed zone compaction and planter down-pressure requirements
  • Prolong the life and reduce the maintenance requirements of precision planting equipment
  • Improves water infiltration & increases oxygen put into the soil through tillage to accelerate the decomposition of organic matter
  • Leaves a planting bed that is slightly raised to reduce water-logging
Strip Till row unit diagram
Features & Specifications
  • Tough 2 Bar 150mm x 150mm RHS frame design
  • Heavy duty Cat 3/4 remote linkage standard
  • Diamond mounted Strip Till assemblies for reduced twist and easy toolbar relocation
  • 20” front coulter & depth gauge wheel to cut trash & promote trash flow
  • 1400lb hydraulic breakout on the tyne for maximum penetration in testing conditions (Optional 1000lb spring available)
  • Fully adjustable disc crowders (berm builders) to form the perfect seeding bed
  • Quality 2 pak paint finish
  • Heavy duty pin adjustable trash whippers for row cleaning
  • Standard heavy duty slat style crumble roller to break up clods and consolidate the seeding bed
  • Optional chain style crumble roller with adjustable chain tension available for wet conditions
  • Heavy duty adjustable shank features a replaceable cast shin guard & hardwearing knock-on cast point. (Optional 1" x 2" tyne with spear point available)
  • All shin guards & points can be hard faced for extended life
  • Heavy duty 11R x22.5 depth gauge wheels
  • Folding wing machines are available
  • Solid & skip row machines available
Strip Till in action
Strip Till with chain crumble roller